Li Xiangqun :The Creation of “Chasing Dreams” Author: Li Xiangqun

The large-scale thematic sculpture "Chasing Dreams" highlights the leadership of the Communist Party of China. Not only in carrying forward the national spirit, but also uniting Chinese power; and demonstrating joy, confidence and pride of all nationalities as they join as one big family.  It also represents a powerful song of the culture made by the nation’s unity and cooperation. “Chasing dreams” is a cultural work created for a new era by Lumiere, with great support and guidance of the leaders of Publicity Department of China, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and China Artist Association. As a major creator, I have the honor to participate in the whole course of its creation, which fills me with the greatest responsibility and pride.

Luxun Academy of Fine Arts paid high attention to the creation of “Chasing Dreams”. They pulled together the best staff from the sculpture department, collected nearly 10,000 references, and went through dozens of design plans. After more than 30 selection drafts, from small to final; from choosing the stone, sculpting, assembling and polishing; we accepted this glorious mission, but felt huge pressure.

During the creation stage, a lot of energy was used, a lot of effort was made, and a lot of difficulties were overcome. In the implementation stage when the pandemic was spreading, the whole team kept on raising their ideological awareness, and constantly strengthening their sense of honor and mission. In the three years, all the creators sacrificed almost all their holidays and resting time, not forgetting the original intention and working together to create the conditions for the successful completion of the task.

At the time, because the pandemic was spreading in Shenyang, there was no suitable space for implementation. We had to build a workshop in Hunnan New District, where the winters are freezing cold and the summers are intolerably hot. All the teachers in the creation team also had their own teaching task in school every day, so they had to work until 12:00 p.m. in order to meet the deadline.

Realistic scene reconstruction of historical facts requires the artists’ deep understanding of each image. After everybody’s hard work, the sculpture contained 73 characters representing 56 nationalities, 14 professional characters and 4 child images. They were referenced to real students, teachers, friends and eventhe artists themselves, to present the most vivid, realistic, kind and beautiful characters in real life. To present the true images of the characters, the creation team carefully researched Chinese national documents and purchased ethnic costumes in order to understand the real thoughts and emotions of the people in a specific time period.

Stone processing was the course of re-creation, thus processing technology became the major focus of our creation. For this reason, we continuously communicated with the stone production factory, researched a variety of processing programs, and tried our best to combine the beauty of the Hanbai stone theme in the work. Our effort was not in vain. The final site installation was successful. "Chasing Dreams" was finished within the limited time and this work has been highly affirmed by leaders at all levels.

The struggle of the Party in the past hundred years has made a extraordinary mark in history. These contemporary realism sculptures in the celebration of the Party’s 100th anniversary will surely become classics after the baptism of time and the test of history. With strong infectious power, inspiration and aesthetic significance, the works will bring a spiritual shock that will surely influence Chinese people through the generations.