Xiangqunxuan | Reading and Aesthetic Education in Nanshan, Shenzhen

Xiangqunxuan|Reading and Aesthetic Education in Nanshan, Shenzhen
At the end of 2022, the "Nanshan Bookstore - Xiangqunxuan", planned and built by the Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Sports of Nanshan District, Shenzhen, started its trial operation. As the first intelligent library in Shenzhen, Nanshan Bookstore focuses on solving the problem of "the last kilometer" of public reading services and building a "ten-minute cultural circle" covering the urban area, so that citizens can enjoy the cultural dividends.

Xiangqun Xuan is managed by Mr. Li Xiangqun, a famous sculptor and educator in China, and is named "Xiangqun Xuan". The study is equipped with Xiangqun art space, Xin language space, immersion reading area, leisure reading area and other special spaces, collecting 9049 books donated by Mr. Li Xiangqun, recommended books and books related to the field, and is located in the theme of sculpture art, physical and mental health, life and leisure, and youth reading.

Community is the cornerstone of urban cultural construction, art is the lubricant to promote social harmony, art in the community will create a rich and moving community form, and constantly consolidate the cultural roots of Chinese modernization. As the cultural advisor of Nanshan District, Mr. Li Xiangqun has spared no effort in advising the strategy of "Cultural Nanshan", organizing the Shenzhen Bay Public Art Season for many times, inviting domestic famous artists and young art cadres to participate in the exhibition, and sculpting "China Tide" with contemporary realism. The public art season of Shenzhen Bay is not only held in the Talent Park, which has become a humanistic scenery of Shenzhen Bay, but also makes the public art season of Shenzhen Bay a beautiful business card of Shenzhen city.

Nanshan Bookstore - Xiangqun Xuan is located in Liya Yuan, No. 2 Tongfa Road, Liuxian Community, with a usable area of about 520 square meters and 92 designed seats, including 55 seats for immersive reading and 37 seats for leisure reading. Mr. Li Xiangqun not only donated a large number of books and manuscripts, but also brought his representative works such as "Yuan Si Jia" and "Eternal Operation".

This reading space with temperature creates a new scene of urban culture in Nanshan District, which will become a public space and a link of interpersonal communication, and constructs the aesthetic memory of the citizens of Shenzhen city.

As the president of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts and the double-appointed professor of Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts, Mr. Li Xiangqun insists on the concept of people-centered art education. The reading space named "Xiangqun Xuan" is a powerful practice for art colleges to integrate into the society, serve the public and revitalize the community, which will open the "last mile" of social aesthetic education.

President Li Xiangqun said: "Nanshan Study House provides a very good platform for Chinese art education, allowing ordinary people to enter art and giving artists the opportunity to contribute to education. I was very surprised and moved by Xiangqun Xuan, from the idea to the completion in a short period of time, and now the trial operation is very popular. All let me once again feel that Shenzhen is a fast-paced, creative, creative ideas can be realized city!"

It is reported that the Nanshan study innovative use of online booking, face authentication, online card, sweep code light, intelligent monitoring and other high-tech means to build a "smart service platform", the study24 hours unattended, the use of only "Nanshan study room small program" online reservation can be. Since the trial operation, Nanshan Study Room - Xiangqunxuan has exploded in the circle of friends and Little Red Book, becoming a net red bookstore in Nanshan District, Shenzhen.