On November 11, "Tian Xing Jian" 2022 Shenzhen Bay Public Art Season was unveiled, with 15 large-scale public art works located in Shenzhen Talent Park, lasting from November 2022 to February 2023, contributing a three-month-long art feast for the general public.


"The 2022 Shenzhen Bay Public Art Season is organized by the Organization Department of the CPC Nanshan District Committee, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Nanshan District Committee, the Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Sports of Nanshan District, the Bureau of Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement of Nanshan District, and hosted by Beijing 798 Zero Art Center and Beijing Huashi Xiangqun Culture and Art Co. November 11 in Shenzhen Talent Park Quxian Pavilion grand opening.


Urban sculpture is the eyes and soul of the city

Li Xiangqun, the chief planner of this public art season, said that urban sculpture, as an important component of urban public art, is an important carrier to show the city's history, culture and humanistic spirit, and is regarded as "the eyes of the city" and "the soul of the city". With the theme of "Tian Xing Jian", this exhibition invites famous artists and young artists to create fifteen large-scale public art works in the form of sculpture. Rooted in the fertile soil of national culture, they use the contemporary realism sculpture "Chinese Tide" to show the appearance of the new era.

   (Chief Planner: Li Xiangqun)

Artist representative Jing Yumin said that this year's exhibited works focus on the new state, new direction and new height of cross-border thinking in the development of contemporary public art in China, which will not only have a positive social impact, but also trigger extensive attention from the academic community.


Inspiring Urban Vitality with the Spirituality of Art

General advisor Zhang Zikang said in his video message that the Shenzhen Bay Public Art Season has been dedicated to exploring the relationship between public art and the city. Through the government's input and the artists' joint efforts, the Shenzhen Bay Public Art Season has grown into a cultural calling card for the city of Shenzhen.

Duan Shaofeng, the curator of this year's public art season, said, "The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games have set off a wave of national fitness fever. In the post-Winter Olympics period, this public art season will take the awakening of national fitness awareness as the entry point, interpret the meaning of "walking" and "fitness" in the language of art, enhance the public's sense of belonging to the city coupling and symbiosis, and thus activate the city's innovative and creative vitality. "


Public art ignites the fire of urban spirit

The 15 imaginative public art works stand at the forefront of Shenzhen, a city full of infinite possibilities, showing the city's style and spirit from the height of visual art, enriching the citizens' spiritual and cultural pursuits while building a new way of cultural communication between the city and its citizens, and becoming an emotional link between urban space and citizens' lives.

Li Xiangqun's work "Xingjian" not only fits the theme of this year's public art season, but is also full of philosophical thoughts on vitality and vigor, in which "she" is full of strength, running forward with a strong and graceful body, awakening the passion and surging energy of the public.

Artist Jing Yumin's work "Flowing Clouds and Water" combines nature, technology and art to create the spatial imagery of flowing clouds in the sky and rippling water, prompting people to think about the relationship between heaven and earth, the universe, heaven and earth, yin and yang, and man and nature.

Artist Ren Zhe's work "Cloud" shows a person playing two roles, one moving and the other static, with their roots in each other, as if man and self are fighting in the cloud, expressing the humanistic spirit of man's courage to meet challenges and transcend himself.

The artist Xiao Peng innovatively collides the secondary image with the real space wonderfully, creating "No.3 Snowboarder from Another Parallel Universe", fully equipped and with a competitive mentality, as if he wants to have a friendly competition with the peace-loving earthlings. The symbiotic relationship between human and virtual space, human and human is explored in the language of art.

Artist Wang Yi's work "Beyond", from the expression of the sportsmen's fingers touching the ice surface and their determined eyes, shows their sports spirit of constantly surpassing themselves, striving hard and moving forward, and also encourages the public to strive for progress, persevere in faith and never give up! 

Artist Hong Tao's work "Westward Tracks" uses a large-captioned creative approach to convey a firm will and determination to win! The road to seek is long, the footprints are everywhere! It reflects the chivalrous spirit of striving for lofty ideals and perseverance.

Artist Wang Kunzhao's work "Master of the City" presents a reflection on the relationship between people and the city: each person walking through the streets of high-rise buildings as the master of the city, they have been silently working hard for their beliefs, and are determined to walk towards the desired life, and the city will become better because of each person's efforts.

Artist Huang Shizun's work "Faith", with the image of a small bean sprout overcoming many difficulties to break through the ground, reflects that in order to survive, any life will burst out with strong vitality; it is this resilient vitality that will bring strength to the public, just like the faith in the heart, guiding everyone to defy difficulties and move forward, and eventually achieve their ideal.

The work of artist Sha Quan, "Fight Ice", shows the spirit of concentration through the sport of ice hockey.

Artist Liu Shaodong's work "King Kong" reflects the symbiosis of the environment and the concept of community in nature through its powerful and dynamic image on the green lawn and the blue skyline, which blends with the surrounding environment.

Through his work "Our Generation - OH YEAH", artist Gao Xiaowu hopes that everyone can develop their infinite talents and possibilities to pursue the urban dream of each of us.

In the work "Water" by artist Tian He, the four sides of the cube in different forms are transformed into four mirrors under the effect of scenery and light, as if disappearing in the "shadow", and the "water shape" above seems to be placed in the air, creating a wonderful "illusion of mutual reflection". The "water form" above seems to be placed in the air, creating a wonderful "illusion of mutual reflection".

Artist Zhao Shengfan's work "The Gift" expresses the reverence and gratitude for nature and the cherishing of a good life.

Artist Jing Xiaolei's work "Prophecy", abstract eternity and figurative existence, the future and the present, prophecy and reality ...... seemingly opposing relationships co-located to form a possibility of existence, opening up the association about the future.

The artist Shang Changhong believes that the most beautiful thing in the world is a flower, and there is nothing simpler, more simple and more mysterious than a flower in the vast world.

The Shenzhen Bay Public Art Season is held in a way that the public cultural industry empowers urban construction, ignites the spiritual fire of the citizens, and gives wings to Shenzhen, a model city of civilization, to take off.