The sun rises from east

The Sun Rises From  the East

        With the arrival of July 1st, Red Art becomes the center of attention again. In the context of the original, Red Art reflected the spirit of that time with its special art form and concept. Red Art had prominent ideological factors; it understood and expressed the new China with visual image. Whereas in China’s current social situations, what social mentality presenting in the artists’ attention and use of Red Art images? What position does such art style held in the development of China's contemporary art? How to explain this art phenomenon in art history? We can’t solve all these questions, but we intends to present and research them in this exhibition.
        There are five artists in this exhibition: Wu Changjiang, Dai Shihe, Li Xiangqun, Sun Hao and Chen Xiaowen. The works cover area of sculpture, oil painting, watercolor and digitized image etc. These works in different art types reflect a common trend that is reconsider and re-imagine history with view and experience today. As the Italian historian Croce said that “All history is contemporary history”, we can say in this sense that “All art is contemporary art”. This can be seen as one of the starting points of this exhibition.

        “Invited artists Wu Changjiang, Dai Shihe, Li Xiangqun, Sun Hao and Chen Xiaowen all have special style in contemporary art. Their works have independent language between figural and abstract; it’s feeling of art and a kind of spirit. Artists feel the time and the world with it. The extraordinary experience makes artists’ sensitivity unusual.

        Art is embracing this world.
        The birth of great art: the sun rises in the east!”——Hu Rong

        To Zero Art Center, this exhibition is part of a research plan. It intends to present an art phenomenon in this platform and wants to cause related thinking and research. 

Zero Art Center 

July 2nd, 2011